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July 28, 2010
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Bizarro - Hot or Cold? by AndrewJHarmon Bizarro - Hot or Cold? by AndrewJHarmon
Cold version available as an 11x17 print! ---> [link]

Me am happy! I finally got :iconthefranchize:'s Bizarro done and I'm really happy with it. When starting out on this piece I definitely went with something different and MAN did it give me a headache. Fortunately there was no rush to get it done so after doing some other stuff, coming back to it feeling the groove, out came what I had hoped for.

Anyone that knows me knows I do variations just because a character can have a certain quality that can be included. What I'm talking about is that while I so dig Bizarro having red eyes for the creepiness factor (on the left), I remembered that certain incarnations of Bizarro had reversed or backwards powers like heat breath and freeze vision. I so dug the idea of that little nugget that I did another version (on the right).

Maybe you guys can give me your thoughts as to which one you dig more?

Hope you like it :)

Artist: :iconthefranchize:
Original: [link]
Colors: Me
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I actually own a copy of the right-hand side one, and it's very nice.
Glad you dig it!
Same here! I like the cold a bit more! It's creepy the way the ice comes out of his eyes. :D
ShaolinMick Oct 16, 2012  Student General Artist
hey man like i said at the ohio con i love the frost vision. its classic as well as badass.
I think it definitely adds a little bit more personality and makes you take a second glance at least :)
Looks good, Im liking the cold a bit more.
That's the one i went with. I dig the creepy red eyes but the cold effect is different but kept within character :)
ya know... I was totally in the tank for the one on the right at first, but now I'm thinking the one on the left has the most impact. u did a fantastic job and really brought this one to life.
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