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My Influence Map by AndrewJHarmon My Influence Map by AndrewJHarmon
Just a few examples of some things that have and continue to influence not just my art but other things in my life as well.

1. Abbott and Costello (the kings of both radio and film comedy)
2. George Perez and Crisis on Infinite Earths (the one thing in comicdom I actually got hooked and concerned myself with)
3. Neal Adams ('nuff said)
4. Warner Bros. (true humor in under-appreciated animation)
5. Piet Mondrian (simple primary mastery)
6. Al Hirschfeld (the man who could say so much with just a line)
7. J Scott Campbell and Nei Ruffino (my favorite dynamic duo)
8. Robin Williams from Mork and Mindy (live action Warner Bros and the essence of all my humor)
9. Charlie Brown (the kid I most identify with in life)
10. The Marx Brother (more classic kings of comedy)
11. Mike Henry (the guy whose work I can't tear myself away from)
12. Flash (the hero who started my interest in comics and collecting)
13. George Seurat (the man who chows what mere dots of color can do)
14. Dan Schoening (the man who made my work possible and someone I aspire to be in my drawing)
15. Mickey Mouse (the mouse who started my interest in art)
16. Steven Sanchez (the man who made me want to draw again)
17. Super Powers/Super Friends (a most vivid and exciting time in my childhood that made comics come alive for me)
Virtu-Imagery Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010  Hobbyist Photographer
I like yours!
JoshawaFrost Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Good map!! =)
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